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1295 Polk Drive, Warsaw, Indiana 46582


(937) 395-7222


Stocking Distributor of Cobalt, Stainless and Titanium Materials for Medical Implants and Instruments

Edge International, a Banner Industries company, based in Warsaw, Indiana, is a specialist source supplier of Cobalt-Alloy and Stainless Steel Bar and Titanium/Titanium-Alloy Bar, Plate and Sheet for the manufacture of implants and instruments for orthopaedic, spine and trauma products. Management at Edge works with customers to provide cost-effective solutions to satisfy pricing requirements and materials support for our strategic products.

Below are the major metals specifications used in implants and instruments. For details of Edge International’s core competency click Bars.

Specifications for Medical and Surgical Devices

Cobalt Alloy

Common Name ASTM Standard ISO Standard UNS Designation
Cast CoCrMo ASTM F75 ISO 5832-4 R30075
CoCrMo or CCM Alloy 1 ASTM F1537, Alloy 1 ISO 5832-12 R31537
CoCrMo Alloy 2 (High Carbon) or CCM Plus ASTM F1537, Alloy 2 ISO 5832-12 R31538
L-605 ASTM F90 ISO 5832-5 R30605
MP35N ASTM F562 ISO 5832-6 R30035

Stainless Steel

Common Name ASTM Standard ISO Standard UNS Designation
316L/316LVM ASTM F138 ISO 5832-1 S31673
Rex 734/N-Strengthened ASTM F1586 ISO 5832-9 S31675
Custom 455 ASTM F899 S45500
Custom 465 ASTM F899 S46500
Custom 630/17-4PH ASTM F899 S17400


Common Name ASTM Standard ISO Standard UNS Designation
Ti CP-1 ASTM F67 ISO 5832-2 R50250
Ti CP-2 ASTM F67 ISO 5832-2 R50400
Ti CP-3 ASTM F67 ISO 5832-2 R50550
Ti CP-4 ASTM F67 ISO 5832-2 R50700
Ti-6Al-4V ASTM F1472 ISO 5832-3 R56400
Ti-6Al-4V ELI ASTM F136 ISO 5832-3 R56401

Note: Common Names may be proprietary or registered trademark

Customer Specific Specifications

In addition to certifying material to the above-referenced standard specifications, materials may also be certified to specific Customer/OEM in-house specifications, upon request.